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About Us

         Balay Disenyo is an architectural consultancy company located in Las Piñas City, offering complete architectural services, with expertise in home and commercial design.

         Founded on the grounds of a fast-changing metropolis that is modern Manila, Balay Disenyo was the product of a creative professional's vision - for every Filipino to have access to world-class architectural design. Balay Disenyo aims to provide first-rate design solutions that promote influences that are uniquely and proudly Filipino.

         Balay Disenyo aspires to create the space that works for you. We hold paramount each project's functionality and efficiency, making sure to create designs that are tailored to our client's every need. This includes an in-depth discussion with our professionals regarding all aspects of the project, exploring all possible design solutions and options.

         To schedule a consultation meeting with our professionals, you can contact us here.

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